Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This DIY Joker-theme

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Back to Izombie:) I literally just snapped this pic. @imrosemciver says hello!!! @thecwizombie by dccomics

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I have to shoutout my fav DC Superhero growing up! Batman! This bust lives at the DC offices. If you're ever in LA and have the chance to do a tour. Do it. It's pretty awesome. All good people. by dccomics

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@rahulkohli13 getting focused before a take. Shutting out the cameras and business around him. The ultimate pro. @thecwizombie by dccomics

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BLAINE FOR PRESIDENT? What do you think? He's one of my fav villains on TV right now and also one the coolest people you could meet. @questionanders @thecwizombie by dccomics

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Smallville Fans & Superman fans standup! Right now we're filming at the old Smallville High location. That show brings back memories. It had an incredible 10 year run. I was fan. This decal still remains in this school perfectly intact. Wow. Did anyone else watch that show? @thecwizombie by dccomics

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