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The True Goal of DC Comics' "Convergence" Has Been Revealed

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SPOILER WARNING: The following article discusses events from "Convergence" #8, written by Jeff King and Scott Lobdell and featuring numerous artists, on sale now.

While many fans expected the end result of DC Comics' just-concluded "Convergence" event to be a streamlined, non-multiversal DC Universe, the events of Issue #8, which arrived in stores today, have resulted in the exact opposite.

When the series' final issue concludes, not only does the Multiverse remain in existence, major changes have been made to the grandaddy of all company-wide continuity-shifting events, "Crisis on Infinite Earths." As Brainiac prepares to save all of reality by transporting the heroes he had previously trapped on his patchwork world to their own realities, the ├╝ber-powerful villain includes Parallax among those he sends back to face the original Crisis.

Accompanying a brief play-by-play from Telos -- the humanoid incarnation of the planet the heroes are trapped on -- which states, "Reality is resetting, stabilizing. Each world has evolved, but they all exist," we're treated to pair of two-page splashes, displaying over a dozen of the different Earths that have been saved.

Throughout the marketing of the series, DC fans have been teased with the idea that the goal of "Convergence" was to jettison the publisher's previous DCU incarnations. Co-publisher Dan DiDio described the various two-issue miniseries that made up the bulk of the event as a way for readers to "get to revisit [previous realities] again with some level of resolution," hinting that this might be the last time DC visited the continuity of Zero Hour, Flashpoint, post-Crisis and more. "there's a sense of a lot of stuff coming to an end," DiDio teased further, "but so much great stuff is about to begin."

The event's title itself indicated as much, hinting that every DC reality was set to "converge" into one. Of course, DC's Free Comic Book Day "Divergence" title was likely intended to hint at the story's actual outcome.

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