Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Joker Gets the Last Laugh With These Adult-Size Underoos

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The Joker gets the last laugh with these adult-size Underoos


The age-old question of whether The Joker prefers boxers or briefs is answered with the new wave of adult-size Underoos. (Ever the trickster, the Clown Prince of Crime is apparently a boxer briefs kind of guy.)

The Joker men’s set is joined by Supergirl, Deadpool, Robin, Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman, and BB-8 for women. There are also Civil War Captain America and Iron Man boxer brief sets for boys.

Debuting in 1978 from Fruit of the Loom, the line of T-shirts and underwear was originally produced exclusively for children. However, the Underoos name was licensed in 2014 to another company, which revived the brand, and added adult sizes, hitting us right in the nostalgia.

Underoos range from $20 (kids sizes) to $25 (adults).

(via Nerd Approved)

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