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Jason Fabok's 10 Favorite "Justice League" Moments

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With last week's "Justice League" #50, writer Geoff Johns and artist Jason Fabok's run on the series came to an end -- as did the 11-issue "Darkseid War" story, which acted as a major superhero event contained within a single series. Given that "DC Universe: Rebirth" was released the same day and kicked off the "Rebirth" of DC Comics, "Justice League" #50 also served as something of an unofficial end to the New 52 era, which started in fall 2011 with Johns' first issue of "Justice League," then drawn by Jim Lee.

Major "Justice League" #50 Revelations, Changes Lead Into "DC Universe: Rebirth"

Courtesy of Fabok and DC, CBR has the artist's picks for his top 10 favorite moments from his time on "Justice League" -- which started in Nov. 2014 with the "Amazo Virus" story -- along with some behind-the-scenes glimpses at early black-and-white artwork, plus personal comments on why these images and the run itself were so significant to him.

10: Free Comic Book Day story -- A Glimpse into the Future

Jason Fabok: When Geoff and I first talked about joining forces on 'Justice League,' it was his 'Darkseid War' pitch that really got me excited. I had wanted to draw a big, epic event style book for a while and finally felt I had developed myself artistically and professionally to finally handle a big series.

This spread was my first opportunity to draw an image that would set the tone and stage for the rest of our story. I wrestled with a few different layouts for the big spread on top, mostly because I needed to show both Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor as powerful and dangerous without having one looking as if he had the upper hand on the other. After coming to a final decision, the rest of the image came together quickly.

9: "Justice League" #41 -- A Miraculous Entrance

Fabok: I originally wanted to do a different take on Mr. Miracle. I had designed him with a trench coat that would flow out when he flew around on his discs. But Geoff and I talked about it, and decided we wanted to go with a more classic take on the character.

So after designing a costume we were happy with, I came to this sequence in issue #41 that would introduce new readers to Mr. Miracle and give long-time fans something to cheer about. Brad Anderson did a great job on the colors and bringing the final image to life in a big way.

8: "Justice League" #42 -- The Bat-God Cometh

Fabok: One of the big in-jokes in comics is the fact that Batman always seems to rise above all the other heroes to defeat the biggest and baddest of villains, while superpowered heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are left defeated. Fans online began to call Batman "Bat-God" when these things happened.

Well, leave it to Geoff Johns to take the things that fans discuss and actually realize it in a comic book. After Wonder Woman pulls Metron off of the Mobius chair, Batman jumps on in order to use it to find the answers that the Justice League needs to defeat the Anti-Monitor -- and becomes the god of Knowledge.

If you look closely, as Batman is fusing with the chair, and more knowledge is being opened up to him. The panels slowly expand until they bleed off the page, signaling that Batman is now the new occupant of the Mobius chair. This leads to our big splash, with a slightly cocky Batman announcing he now knows everything.

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